Red Cross First Aid

The Vital Link

Canadian Red Cross First Aid training saves money, saves time - saves lives. Medical emergencies on the job cost Canadian companies billions of dollars each year in lost wages, health care expenses, lawsuits and worker's compensation claims. You can reduce these costs by teaching your employees how to prevent workplace emergencies - and how to respond properly when they do occur.

When an emergency does occur, prompt effective first aid can make the difference between a few lost hours, permanent disability, and even death. In business, time is money. Red Cross First aid saves time, money and lives.


No matter which Red Cross First Aid course you choose, you will find caring, professional instructors to guide them, and lots of hands-on practice to help build confidence and skill, and keep motivation high. All course participants will learn lifesaving skills for use on the job - and at home.

Emergency First Aid: (1 day course)

Introductory course that covers time-sensitive, life threatening priorities. Skills include: choking, rescue breathing and CPR for adults, infants and children, treatment for severe bleeding, and how to perform a secondary assessment.

Course Outline: (3 year certification)

•             Principles of First Aid

•             Legal Concerns

•             Health Precautions and Preventing Disease Transmission

•             Coping with Traumatic Events and Crisis Intervention

•             Shaken Baby Syndrome

•             Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System

•             Activating the EMS

•             Guidelines for Immediate Movement of the Casualty

•             The Body Systems

•             Scene Survey

•             Primary Survey

•             Recovery Position

•             Multiple Casualties and Triage

•             Common Critical Errors Made During Practice Sessions

•             Anatomy and Physiology

•             The Airway

•             The Conscious or Unconscious Casualty with an Obstructed Airway

•             Prevention

•             Breathing Emergencies: Respiratory Distress and Arrest

•             Rescue Breathing

•             Chain or Survival

•             Cardiovascular Disease

•             Chest Pain: Angina

•             Chest Pain: Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)

•             Treatment of Chest Pain

•             Soft Tissue

•             Stroke

•             Bleeding

•             Shock

•             Cardiac Arrest

•             Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

•             Common Problems with CPR 

Standard Certification (2 day course)

Comprehensive course covering all the skills taught in Emergency First Aid plus:

Course Outline: (3 year certification)

•             The Secondary Survey

•             Anatomy and Physiology

•             Head and Spine Injuries

•             Prevention

•             Musculoskeletal Injuries

•             Wounds

•             Burns

•             Frostbite

•             Diabetic Emergencies

•             Convulsions

•             Heat Emergencies

•             Hypothermia

•             Childbirth

•             Poisoning 

Re-Certification (1 day course)

Re-certification for standard level only. (3 year certification)


For any additional information provided by the Red Cross, please see:

Canadian Red Cross

American Red Cross

International Federation of Red Cross





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