Prevention & Management of Aggressive Behaviour

(PMAB) is a safe, non-harmful behaviour management system designed to aid staff members working and caring for youth who experience difficulty in controlling their behaviour. 
Staff are trained to use PMAB as part of a system promoting the management and best possible care/welfare of clients in imminent danger to themselves, staff, others, and/or at risk of creating serious property damage.

The Prevention & Management of Aggressive Behaviour
PMAB intervention is designed to be a safe, non-harmful, non-threatening behavioural control strategy promoting principles that involve the least intrusive method of controlling an individual until they are able to regain control of their behaviour. 

PMAB is comprised of three modules: 
Understanding Aggressive Behaviour: It describes the major theories explaining aggressionPrevention of Aggressive Behaviour: Focuses on prevention and effective management prior to escalationManagement of aggressive behaviour, physical interventionsFocuses on legislation expectations, guidelines for use of physical interventions and defense and restraint techniquesPMAB Supports the View that adolescent young offenders are individuals who have unique and special needs which demand creative and appropriate responses from a network of services. 

PMAB promotes the following principles:
PMAB recognizes the rights of youth as identified in the CFSA and YOAPMAB promotes the protection and well being of the childPMAB promotes the safety and security of children and caregiver, alikePMAB emphasizes the prevention of aggressive behaviourPMAB advocates the use of interventions, which are consistent with the principles of “least intrusive”PMAB advocates and promotes positive change 


Why do we learn it?

To understand aggressive behaviourTo learn how to identify, prevent and manage aggressive behaviour patterns before they become out-of-controlTo learn physical interventions when youth require hands-on assistance in managing their out-of-control behaviourFor more information, please contact Craigwood Youth Services: 

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