Family & Community Support

Family and Community Support

 Intensive Family Support Services:

A brief intensive service (up to 8 hours per week per family) offering in-home supports, parenting training (offered individually or in a group format), services coordination and advocacy for families and youth living in London-Middlesex. Service usually last 12 weeks although there is some opportunity for follow up supports after this. Families that will use this service:

            -may have youth that are at risk of out-of-home placement

            -may be experiencing high levels of family conflict

            -may be seeking assistance with family re-unification

            -may have youth experiencing difficulties at home, school and community

Services are flexible, accommodating the unique needs and schedules of each family.

 Access to this service is through referral to Crisis/Intake (519-433-0334).

 Goals:  To help families access and use community resources

            To prevent out-of-home placement of youth

            To advocate on behalf of families

            To enhance parenting skills

            To increase the family‚Äôs ability to resolve conflict and access community supports

            To increase positive affect amongst family members

            To enable families to do effective problem solving

            To help parents understand the factors contributing to youth behaviour

            To help the family develop effective communication

Community Based Mental Health:

The Community Mental Health Service is offered to individuals 12-18 years of age and their families, residing in London or Middlesex County with identified mental health difficulties including social, emotional, behavioural, adjustment, psychiatric and/or other challenges that affect overall functioning and success.

Direct services use a brief therapy session limited counseling therapy model (brief intervention, crisis intervention, group therapy).  Single session counseling via our walk-in clinics is also available at three locations.      

Day Treatment:

Craigwood operates a specialized educational and mental health service for up to 8 students and their families. The service is jointly funded and operated with the Thames Valley District School Board. It is the hope that students who attend the day treatment program will develop and learn to utilize the skills attitudes and aptitudes to enable them to return to a community school. Each student and family has a plan developed to meet their unique needs. Strengths of youth and family are emphasized and there is strong  focus on student and family engagement and participation.

 Treatment Groups:

            Child Witness to Woman Abuse

            Anger Awareness and Interpersonal Skills

            Victim Awareness (for youth who victimize others)

            Parent Group (parent support)

            Parent Training (focus on developing effective parenting skills)

            Youth and Anxiety (Friends For Life)

            First Contact (for youth who are using drugs or other substances)

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